Software Development & Implementation

When business challenges require specialized technology, PBC development team can create tailored software solutions to help meet clients’ objectives. Our experience working side by side with PBC Engineers’ and environmental specialists gives us a unique perspective unmatched by traditional technology consultants. Using custom solutions that scale and grow with business demands, we help clients harness the power of technology to make better more cost-effective decisions.

PBC has developed a wide range of custom applications integrating multiple technologies, including

IT Project Management

At PBC, we have experience of delivering successful projects Banks anfd Money exchange companies. Throughout these projects we have utilized our project approach .so we know that our system works. It delivers what our customers want, and it delivers fast, on time and to budget.

While there are considerable similarities across projects, we know that every customer’s situation is unique – whether it is due to the skills available, the infrastructure already employed or local requirements. Hence, our project methodology is designed to be extremely flexible, and our project managers are adept at tailoring our approach to suit your needs.

Effective project management depends on a number of key factors

IT Consultant Service

Consultants are brought into businesses for two reasons, firstly and most importantly because of their knowledge and skills and secondly because they provide additional resources in times of high demand on your existing team. At PBC, we recognize both of these and not only are our consultants experts in our solution, the financial services industry and the technologies but they are always ready and willing to help in any way they can.

PBC consultants cover the following areas

The difference between an average consultant and our outstanding consultants is in the way they combine their experience and your knowledge. They use their advanced consulting skills to help you translate your vision into a solution that helps drive your business forward.

Support@ 24x7x365

PBC adopts a layered approach to support, to ensure that our customers get the maximum benefit in the minimum time. The first layer is in the design of the system – our solutions are designed to eliminate the majority of reasons support calls are made – whether it is from user error, or parameter conflict – our solutions are designed to eradicate as many of these types of issues as possible.

The next layer is addressed by providing detailed training in our implementation projects. Through the knowledge transfer process, your staff will gain a detailed understanding of how the solution works and what it is capable of. The level further reduces any unnecessary support calls, freeing your staff to deliver an outstanding service to your customers.

The next layer is provided by our in-country support teams – either onsite at your offices or nearby at our local partners. we operate a comprehensive partner eco-system designed to deliver the right combination of global expertise and local knowledge. Through PBC offices and the offices of our partners we have coverage of all the locations where our customers are located.

The final layer is provided by our support and development teams. While, only a very small number of the issues raised require detailed investigation, when they do need to be investigated we have found that the fastest way to resolve them is through the use of seasoned experts in our solutions, technology and the financial services industry. Our support teams are staffed with these experts, and are supported by web-based recording and tracking systems to ensure swift resolution of issues raised.

Our support organisation is 100% committed to ensuring that you will receive the highest levels of support, including the following

Training and Testing

Held either at your premises or at our academy these sessions, delivered by our product and technical experts are designed to quickly impart the knowledge your staff need to get the maximum benefits from your solution. In addition to standardized training sessions – built through years of experience training – we offer a customized training approach where our staff work with your staff to design the training course that best suits your needs.

While we know that the best way to learn something new is to be 100% immersed in it, we also recognize that you may not be able to send your staff away for dedicated training sessions. To cater for these situations we offer training courses delivered around your schedule, at your premises.

As part of the team-based approach to our implementation projects we combine your staff with ours and deliver on-the-ground, day-to-day training showing your staff how the solution operates in the real-world. We have found that this practical application helps embed the knowledge quickly and effectively.

At PBC Systems, we offer a range of tools, techniques and expertise to help you test your solution. During the implementation phase of the project we can provide complete test scripts, we can deliver the testing plan for you, or we can provide guidance to your test team. We use scenario builders and simulators to aid a wide range of tests, including performance and stress testing. We can help you develop and exercise your disaster recovery and backup test plans.

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